Golden Gate Canyon State Park to Host Hispanic Athletes in the Second Edition of LUNA

Golden Gate Canyon State Park to Host Hispanic Athletes in the Second Edition of LUNA

(Photo/Courtesy Colorado’s Parks and Recreation Department)


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Golden Gate State Park, located a short distance from downtown Denver, is preparing to welcome Hispanic athletes for the second edition of the LUNA event (Latino Ultra Nature Adventure). This majestic park, with over 12,000 acres of dense forest, rocky peaks, and aspen-lined meadows, will be the perfect setting for this celebration. Among the prominent participants is the Rarámuri runner Lorena Ramírez and three generations of her family, who will bring a unique cultural touch to the event.

Irene Vilar, director of Americas for Conservation + the Arts and promoter of the event, highlights the significance of this location for the race. “Golden Gate Canyon State Park is one of Colorado’s most beautiful gems, and many people in our Hispanic community in the Denver metropolitan area don’t know it’s so close. This event is not just a race but an opportunity to explore and connect with nature in an accessible way for everyone,” says Vilar.

The location of Golden Gate State Park, just 30 miles west of Denver, offers a serene mountain retreat with 35 miles of trails, some multi-use and others exclusive for hikers. Additionally, it features 152 campsites with electricity, six cabins, and a horse-friendly guest house. This natural environment will be the perfect backdrop for the six race trails, ranging from 5K to the challenging 55K Ultra (34 miles).

Rarámuri Lorena Ramírez runs again in Colorado Rarámuri Lorena Ramírez corre de nuevo en Colorado

RARÁMURI RUNNERS IN LUNA | Lorena Ramírez and three generations of her family return to Colorado. (Photo/El Comercio de Colorado)

Celebration of Culture, Community, and Nature

LUNA is also a celebration of culture, community, and nature. “This event is designed to be an accessible entry into a new space, with the attraction of being able to participate as a family. You can run, walk, or jog. The important thing is that it is anchored in culture, and the presence of the Rarámuri runners from the Tarahumara Sierra in Chihuahua adds a deeply significant historical and cultural element,” adds Vilar.

In the first edition of LUNA, held in Boulder, more than 300 people participated, including 18 grandmothers who completed the 5K course. The presence of Lorena Ramírez and her family, well-known Rarámuri runners known for their long-distance running abilities, inspires many to participate. This year, the community has another opportunity to experience the “green medicine” of the forests, which has been shown to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

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