Suspected Connection Between El Ruby Jewelry Robbers and Home Invasion in Aurora

Suspected Connection Between El Ruby Jewelry Robbers and Home Invasion in Aurora Sospecha de conexión entre asaltantes de joyería el Ruby y robo domiciliario en Aurora

TO IDENTIFY| Images from security cameras with the face of one of the alleged assailants that occurred in Denver and Aurora. (Photo/Colorado Commerce)


Redacción El Comercio de Colorado

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John Ángelo Medina Rodríguez, a Colombian merchant residing in Aurora, Colorado, has raised suspicions that the same individuals who robbed his house posing as Amazon distributors might be involved in the recent robbery of El Ruby jewelry store in Denver. Medina Rodríguez offers to collaborate with authorities to identify the assailants and claims to have additional information that could help establish a connection between both cases and contribute to resolving his situation.

Medina Rodríguez recounted that on the day of the robbery at his house, he and his family were in the same neighborhood looking for a new home. “That day we were out of the house, but in the same neighborhood. We were looking because we were going to move, so we were looking at a house nearby. Then what you saw on camera happened, they entered, they robbed us. The assailants hit the children. They have been greatly affected by the incident. They do not want to leave the house,” recounts Medina Rodríguez.

Reviewing Videos and Analyzing Information

After reviewing videos on social media, Medina Rodríguez noticed similarities between the assailants of his house and those of El Ruby jewelry store. “After seeing the videos on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, they look very similar, one of them to the one with the package in the robbery at my house. At least one of the men who entered my house seems to be the same one who robbed the lady from the jewelry store. To me, it’s them,” stated the affected merchant, who is interested in sharing additional information he has gathered about the relationship between the two criminal incidents.

The competent authorities have not announced any arrests related to these cases. The Aurora police are in charge of the investigations into the home invasion at Medina Rodríguez’s house. This body has not reported any progress in their investigation. Meanwhile, the investigations and judicial actions in the El Ruby Jewelry case are being supervised by the office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Colorado. It has only been reported that an arrest in El Paso might be related to the jewelry store case in Denver.

VICTIM SPEAKS | John Ángelo Medina Rodríguez, a Colombian merchant whose home was robbed by criminals pretending to be Amazon deliverymen. (Video/El Comercio de Colorado)

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