Irregular Parties by New Migrants Disturb Aurora Neighbors

Irregular Parties by New Migrants Disturb Aurora Neighbors Fiestas irregulares de nuevos migrantes perturban a los vecinos de Aurora


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In the apartment complex located at Alton Street and 16th Avenue, identified with the number 1663, residents have experienced a series of public order disturbances over the past ninety days, resulting in two people being shot and a minor injured in a traffic accident. The neighbors of this complex claim that the disturbances began approximately three months ago and have been escalating, creating an atmosphere of insecurity and despair among them.

Residents are concerned and annoyed by the loud street parties, which involve alcohol, loud music, public urination, and trash scattered the next day. A neighbor, who preferred to remain anonymous, commented: “There are loud parties happening. We went to the City Council of Aurora about two weeks ago. And since then, the parties have been a bit smaller. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still problems in the area.”

Wrong Attitude

A second neighbor adds additional elements to the conversation. “The main concern for us who have lived here for about 30 years is that we feel the authorities are not taking the necessary measures to control the situation. Unfortunately, I believe the people in the apartment complexes feel like they don’t have to follow some law. They feel like no one is really going to hold them accountable for their behavior that affects others,” added the neighbor.

The lack of effective response from the police and city council generates helplessness among the residents. They mentioned calling the non-emergency line of the Aurora Police. “They don’t even answer anymore,” said the neighbor. Their contacts with city authorities have yielded no results. “They said there’s not much they can do. And I think that’s what really disappoints, right? Someone should be able to do something,” said another neighbor with much pain at this impromptu neighborhood meeting.

More Residents Per Apartment

One of the most critical points of this situation is the new state regulation that, according to the residents, makes evictions difficult and allows more people to live in the apartments. This regulation, they mention, has doubled the number of inhabitants in each apartment of the building. “I was told that a new law signed by Governor Polis has allowed many more people to live in one place. We suffer from this because now we can’t find parking since that law came into effect,” said the neighbor.

Another neighbor adds that this new legislation serves as an excuse for the administrator of the apartment complex on Alton Street. “The administrator told me that now they can’t even start the eviction procedures because they don’t know if the person having the problem [of promoting or participating in the parties and street disorder] is the one renting the apartment or just a resident who is not on the lease contracts,” explained a neighbor.

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