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Charro Fashion Arrives at Latin Fashion Week Colorado

Charro Fashion Arrives at Latin Fashion Week Colorado Moda charra llega al Latin Fashion Week Colorado

CHARRO STYLE | Brenda Aguilera showcasing her Escaramuza Charra attire. (Photo/ Anderson González)


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In the fifth edition of Latin Fashion Week Colorado (LFWC), celebrating Latin fashion in all its splendor, a new and exciting facet will be presented: Charro fashion. This intriguing addition to the runway comes from the talented hands of Brenda Aguilera, an entrepreneur and prominent figure in the world of Mexican rodeo in Colorado. Brenda is a member of the Escaramuza Charra Flor de Aguileña team, with which she has conquered charro rodeo competitions in both the United States and Mexico. She also leads the youth team, Adelitas de Colorado.

Moda charra llega al Latin Fashion Week Colorado

Brenda brings her passion and profound knowledge of charro attire to transform it into a unique and thrilling fashion style. She has recognized the beauty and richness of charro clothing, which inspired her to design garments that blend charro tradition with a modern and fashionable touch. “In my collection, there will be designs that represent the charro style from head to toe, authentic works of art that celebrate the rich tradition of charro rodeo. But at the same time, these pieces have a modern and versatile flair,” she affirmed.

This entrepreneur and designer aspire for these clothing styles to be worn on various occasions beyond the rodeo arena. Brenda explained that an essential element in the creation process of these garments is the connection with Mexican artisans who carry out the embroidery and tailoring of her designs. Brenda emphasizes that these pieces are crafted by hand and require many hours of work. Renowned artisan Marco Garduño from Yucatán is responsible for the sewing and embroidery of these unique pieces.

Moda charra llega al Latin Fashion Week Colorado

IN HIS YUCATÁN WORKSHOP | Marco Garduño, the craftsman behind the tailoring. (Photo/ Courtesy of Brenda Aguilera)

Event with the Seal of Norberto Mojardín

This fusion of Brenda’s passion for charro rodeo and her foray into the world of fashion results in a unique collection that promises to surprise and enchant the audience at Latin Fashion Week Colorado. “We pay attention to detail while respecting the charro tradition and, at the same time, introducing innovative elements into each design,” she said. Brenda concluded by inviting everyone to attend LFWC. “It is an honor to participate in this event that carries the seal of excellence instilled by Norberto Mojardín, founder and director of LFWC. We look forward to seeing you there.”

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Charro Fashion Arrives at Latin Fashion Week Colorado

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