A Magical Night Filled with Traditions

A Magical Night Filled with Traditions Noche mágica y llena de tradiciones

THE FINE CATRINA | Claudia Elías, wearing her “Mayahuel” attire, the goddess of maguey. (Photos/El Comercio de Colorado)


Newroom El Comercio Colorado

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The “Amor a la Mexicana: Tequila, Mezcal, Art, and Culture” at the Auraria Campus was a resounding success that left an indelible impression on hundreds of attendees. The event offered a unique experience by providing each guest with a passport that guided them through a tasting of 23 brands of tequila and mezcal in a variety of styles and flavors. From tequilas originating in Jalisco and Guanajuato to mezcals from Oaxaca, the diversity of choices delighted even the most discerning palates.

In addition to the beverages, local restaurants joined the event to offer delicious Mexican tapas that perfectly complemented the tastings. Mexican music was also present, with performances by Mariachi Águila, the ArtístiCO dance company, and the catrinas of Norberto Mojardín. Claudia Elias, known as “La Catrina Fina,” stood out in her attire as the goddess of maguey, “Mayahuel.” The night was magical and filled with Mexican tradition. Organizers are already eagerly anticipating its return in 2024.

FROM OAXACA | Mezcal Meztlán.

Noche mágica y llena de tradiciones

FROM JALISCO | Hacienda Navarro Tequila.

Noche mágica y llena de tradiciones

HORSESHOE | Present with their tequilas.

Noche mágica y llena de tradiciones

HOSTS | Marlene Bedoya and Raquel García with Pavel Melédez Cruz, Consul General of Mexico in Denver.

MEXICAN COMMUNITY | Rachel García, Pavel Meléndez Cruz, Angel Hernández, Lucy Hernández, and Marlene Bedoya.

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A Magical Night Filled with Traditions