Arturo Márquez’s “Sueños” Premieres at Montview Presbyterian Church

Arturo Márquez's "Sueños" Premieres at Montview Presbyterian Church Estrenan en Colorado la cantata "Sueños" de Arturo Márquez

COMPOSER | Maestro Arturo Márquez, Sonoran. (Photos/X)


Redacción El Comercio de Colorado

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On April 21st, the Montview Presbyterian Church in Denver will be the stage for a significant musical event. The cantata “Dreams” by the renowned Mexican composer Arturo Márquez, conducted by Adam Waite, the church’s music director, will be presented. This free concert promises a unique experience for lovers of choral and orchestral music.

Márquez, a native of Sonora, is one of the most important contemporary Latin American composers. His music blends various styles, but his love for Mexico is undeniable. He has composed over a hundred works of various kinds performed by symphony orchestras worldwide. His Danzón No. 2 transcended the symphonic world and has permeated the popular culture of Mexico and Latin America.

Márquez’s cantata “Dreams” will include a choir of ninety voices and a full orchestra composed of professional musicians from the region. An important detail of the performance is the inclusion of texts representing four cultures: Mexico and Indigenous America, India, and the United States. The texts corresponding to figures such as Guillermo Velázquez, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr., revolve around themes of social justice and peace.

Estrenan en Colorado la cantata "Sueños" de Arturo Márquez

DIRECTOR| Conductor and pianist Adam Waite.

Music Director Drawn to Jazz

Adam Waite, the music director, shares that the choice of this cantata was motivated by the need to explore and celebrate the musical richness of Mexico and Latin America. Waite acknowledges the importance of expanding musical perspectives beyond Eurocentric canons and embracing Latin American influences. “For the cantata, we have assembled a dedicated and committed artistic group to present an exceptional program,” said Waite.

Waite has served as the Minister of Music at Montview Presbyterian Church since 2015. His connection with music began at the age of four when he started studying piano. As he grew, he was drawn to jazz, especially its elements of African American heritage and the Latin rhythms abundant in this genre. He studied composition in Pittsburgh and later pursued his graduate studies at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Estrenan en Colorado la cantata "Sueños" de Arturo Márquez

STAGE | Montview Presbyterian Church.

Arrive Early

“Montview Presbyterian Church has been developing its concert series aimed at promoting the appreciation of works from multiple origins that will be enjoyed by the entire community. Thanks to a dedicated fund by the church for these events, the concert is free and open to the general public. There is no need for prior registration. However, we invite you to arrive early so you don’t miss this concert,” concluded Waite.

Watch and listen to Danzón No. 2 by Arturo Márquez

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