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A Commitment to Justice

A Commitment to Justice Un Compromiso con la Justicia


By Jesús Sánchez Meleán

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As the Editor of El Comercio de Colorado, I am delighted to celebrate the recent achievements of our dedicated editorial and production team. We take great pride in receiving the prestigious 2023 José Martí Award from the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) in the category of the best local business story.

This recognition highlights the exceptional work of our journalist, Sofía Márquez, who led a detailed investigation into the challenges faced by homeowners in Colorado when dealing with Homeowners Associations (HOAs). We began with the case of Teresa, a Hispanic woman whose experience revealed the biases of HOAs and prompted an in-depth investigation.

Initiating conversation among experts and politicians

Through interviews with experts and key figures, our analysis drove the initiative of representatives Jennifer Parenti and Brianna Titone to propose HB22-1137 in Colorado, aimed at limiting HOA abuses. This achievement demonstrates that journalism can have a real impact, generating public dialogues that lead to concrete solutions.

A year after the publication of our report, the law was passed, marking a crucial milestone in protecting homeowners against HOA excesses. This step towards regulation and transparency in the realm of HOAs sets limits on the enforcement of “super-liens,” thus safeguarding the rights of homeowners.

Follow-up on the implementation of legislation

Senator Julie González, a key advocate for this initiative, emphasizes the importance of this law, confronting the lobbying power of HOAs and advocating for greater clarity in their practices and procedures. We are now moving in the direction of tracking the impact of this legislation on suppressing HOA abuses in Colorado.

This award and the success of our investigation highlight the relevance of journalism committed to the well-being of the community. We are proud to have contributed to positive change and will continue to dedicate our efforts to inform, inspire, and advocate for a more just society.

The power of journalism lies in its ability to catalyze change, and we will continue to be advocates for truth and equity. We thank all those who trust El Comercio de Colorado as their reliable source of information and justice. Together, we are making a difference and moving forward with our commitment to justice.

Read the award-winning story

“HOA’s abuse to be stop with legislation,” Sofia Marquez, El Comercio de Colorado, March 5, 2022.

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