Mayor Johnston Willing to Discuss Migrant Issue with Aurora

Denver to cut services to new migrants Denver recortará servicios a nuevos migrantes Mayor Johnston Willing to Discuss Migrant Issue with Aurora Alcalde Johnston dispuesto a hablar con Aurora sobre migrantes

MIKE JOHNSTON IN PRESS CONFERENCE | Denver Mayor Reacts to Resolution on Migrants in Neighboring City.


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The Mayor of Denver, Mike Johnston, responded to the approval of a resolution in Aurora that requires coordination between municipalities and non-profits before transferring migrants to Denver’s neighboring city territory. The Mayor of Denver expressed his willingness to collaborate with Aurora during a press conference.

“I have spoken with the Mayor of Aurora many times about this situation. We want to work together with them. We are excited to work together with them. So, if they want to help us or if they want to work together, we do want that. We want to talk about it. We have spoken many times. We will continue in conversations and do what we can to achieve it,” stated Johnston.

The resolution, proposed by councilors Danielle Jurinsky and Steve Sundberg, underwent several modifications. The final text emphasizes the need for municipal governments and non-profit organizations to coordinate with Aurora authorities before any migrant transfers to Aurora territory.

Quality Inn case

Simultaneously, the ordinance ensures that municipalities and non-profit organizations have already transferred a large number of migrants to Aurora. However, proponents of the resolution have not provided data to substantiate these claims. The only known case was Denver’s rental of a Quality Inn hotel in Aurora.

When Aurora became aware of this case, they protested to Mayor Johnston for renting the entire hotel without notifying city authorities. According to reports from the Denver Gazette, Mike Coffman, Mayor of Aurora, and Mayor Johnston agreed that situations like the Quality Inn hotel incident would not be repeated without prior coordination.

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