María Weese Awarded “Champion of Freedom”

María Weese Awarded "Champion of Freedom" María Weese premiada como “Defensora de la Libertad”

LIBERTY DEFENDER | Maria Weese receives recognition from Senator Rick Scott. (Photo / The Colorado Trade)


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The National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) awarded the “Champion of Freedom” recognition to prominent political leader María Weese. “This is an award that she well deserves. María has been a very active person in Colorado politics. She has promoted the ideas that have made this country prosperous, a country which she became a citizen of at age 21. People like Maria make our country so great,” said Senator Rick Scott, president of the NRSC.

María Weese premiada como “Defensora de la Libertad”

Scott was unable to attend the ceremony in person. However, the Florida Senator made the award announcement on a remote broadcast from his office in Washington, DC. During the virtual meeting, Scott explained that María is the sixth person to receive this recognition. Previous winners who have also been declared “Champions of Freedom” include Donald Trump, Miriam Adelson and Sheldon Adelson (Q.E.P.D), Matt Schlapp, and Hugh Hewitt. “All these distinguished Americans, including María, are examples of defenders of a way of life unique to us,” he said.

María Weese premiada como “Defensora de la Libertad”

LEADERS | Kristi Burton Brown and Priscila Rahn, president and vice president of the Republican Party in Colorado congratulated Maria Weese.

Cuban American Defender

María was born in Santiago de Cuba. She emigrated from her native country at age 10 along with her sister and 28-year-old mother. She spent two years in Mexico City before moving to Colorado. In Colorado she went to school and earned an engineering degree. Later she worked in the telecommunications field. María continues to be very active in the political activity of the state.

“When I received the award, I remembered my grandfather. When leaving Cuba, he put a Cuban flag in my hand so that I would remember where I came from. A few years later he gave me another one to seal my commitment to fight for freedom and prevent other people from being forced to emigrate. At 21, I became a citizen and voted. I have fulfilled my commitment,” she confessed.

The honoree sends a special message to her generation, stating, “I learn every day working with young people. We don’t think alike but I respect the way they do things and I have no problem with learning new ways of doing things. I always tell my companions, we have to let go of the reins and hand them over to the youngest.”

María Weese Awarded "Champion of Freedom"

IN FAMILY | Maria Weese and Gary Weese, her husband, along with Alec Miller; Cristina and John Sanchez; and Michael Martínez

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