junio 25, 2022

Hiking to End Hunger in Colorado

Hiking to End Hunger in Colorado Caminando para acabar con el hambre en Colorado

PARTICIPANTS| Participants take a photo to share with their friends and family to raise awareness for the event. (Fotos/HFC)


Sofia Marquez/ El Comercio de Colorado

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The non-profit organization, Hunger Free Colorado (HFC) is inviting all colorado residents to participate in their 2022 Hike to End Hunger. In this fundraising event, you can register and set a hiking goal of a certain number of miles and, if met, raise a certain number of dollars on or by the deadline of June 11th, 2022.

This can be done as a team to join you in hiking the miles, or as an individual in order to raise the funds.  Once an individual or team has registered, they are invited to start their team and fundraising page immediately. They can set a fundraising goal and add a photo or story about why they have chosen to hike to end hunger.

Food Crisis in Colorado

All the proceeds from this event are critical to sustaining HFC’s efforts to build a more equitable food system that works for all Coloradans. Since the pandemic began, a large number of Coloradans have struggled to obtain consistent access to healthy food. In fact, state data shows that 30 percent of Colorado households have low food security, with 17 percent of Latino households being food insecure.

HFC believes that the only way to help these communities in need is by building a community-centered food system and overturning structural racism in government institutions and policies that result in Black, Indigenous, Latino, immigrants and others of color disproportionately affected by hunger and poverty. Registering for this event will allow them to raise the funds needed to continue these efforts.

Caminando para acabar con el hambre en Colorado

Helping with Legislation

HFC also works closely with Colorado Legislators to pass bills that can help Coloradans in need. Most recently, they helped pass HB22-1414, which helps provide healthy meals to all public-school students and funding to programs that will help provide students in need with the nutrition they need at school. HFC is hoping to continue helping people in getting the food they need to survive.

2022 Hike to End Hunger

11 de junio de 2022


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