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Song “Que chula es Puebla” helps celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Song “Que chula es Puebla” helps celebrate Cinco de Mayo

“Que chula es Puebla” con Jesús David Hernández, Mariachi Misterio and Misterio Mensajeros del Sur. (Photo/El Comercio de Colorado)


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Stacy Whittle and Felipe Benítez, co-founders of Teatro del Corazón, launched their third production they have worked on since February 2022. “We are presenting an incredible video that celebrates Cinco de Mayo. We recreate the feeling of the locals and of all Mexicans for that date. But, at the same time we create an atmosphere that captures all kinds of audiences. This is a video charged with humanity and fellowship,” said Whittle.

Leveraging technology is critical for Whittle and Benítez, and this does not mean greater complication for users. “There are three options to watch the video. The experience will be more complete and comprehensive if a headset is used. That way you can see the video in 360 degrees. However, the production can also be enjoyed from a computer or from a phone. If the phone has the 3D application, even better”, comments Benítez.

The founders of Teatro del Corazón highlight their status as pioneers. Benítez adds “we are the first organization that makes original and local content for the metaverse. Our motivation was to grant accessibility to a massive public. We want anyone in any part of the world, regardless of whether they have broadband, a computer or a telephone, to be able to access and enjoy these productions that bring and inspire love.”

Song “Que chula es Puebla” helps celebrate Cinco de Mayo Suena “Que chula es Puebla” para disfrutar el Cinco de Mayo

Proud of their roots

That love that this production brings is related to the pride in the roots of its producers. “For me and for Stacy, thinking about this idea allowed us to honor both of the lands we came from. I was born in Mexico. But on the other hand, the United States is a place that has given me freedom; that has given me professional success; that has allowed me to form a family and take care of my loved ones” affirms Benítez.

And he continues, “We chose Washington as the setting for the video. As inhabitants of this city, it hurt our souls to see that the Capitol area became a war zone. With fences, with war tanks. In the video you will see images that bring us a sense of pride. And we combine those images with the mariachi music that everyone likes because they convey joy.”

From soldier to tenor

As a native of Puebla, it was easy for Benítez to choose the theme song for the video. It is the emotional song “Que chula es Puebla” by the Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernández. And to interpret it they had Mariachi Misterio and the voice of Jesús David Hernández, known as “El tenor ambulante.” “The execution is magical. An experienced mariachi with the energy and professionalism of a Mexican tenor, a student of Plácido Domingo,” said Benítez.

Hernández, a native of Chihuahua, served in the army. He was deployed with the US Army in Iraq. Upon returning to the US, Hernández had the opportunity to audition for the famous Spanish tenor, obtaining a scholarship to train and cultivate his skills for lyrical singing. “I celebrate Cinco de Mayo with nachos, quesadillas, and tacos because I am proud to be Mexican. But at the same time, I am being an American,” he concludes.

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