febrero 28, 2021

Trump Administration Refuses To Accept New DACA Applicants

Rechazarán nuevas solicitudes de DACA Refuses To Accept New DACA Applicants


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The Trump administration released a new memo to make significant changes to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. According to the new memo, the Department of Homeland Security will reject all initial, first time applications. Also, this department will reject advance parole requests except in “exceptional circumstances.” And, all pending DACA renewals are limited to one year grants, instead of the previous two years.

This June, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of maintaining DACA. This decision allows the federal government to present new arguments against the program. “Keep in mind that the court did not rule that the Obama program was legal. The court only indicated that the Government had not sufficiently justified the cancellation. The court agreed that the government can cancel it,” said an anonymous White House spokesman.

Circumventing the Supreme Court’s decision

The Home is Here Coalition considers that Trump and DHS are circumventing the Supreme Court decision on DACA. “Trump cannot erase the fact that immigrant youth, our families and allies won at the Supreme Court last month. The majority of people in this country support immigrant youth and want the administration to keep the DACA, yet Trump is recklessly moving forward with another attack. He is doing this to show a vocal minority in his party that he will end DACA, while delaying jailing and deportations of immigrant youth until next year”, says The Home is here Coalition.

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