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Mike and Kelly tune up engines for the runoff

Mike and Kelly tune up engines for the runoff

FOR MAYOR OF DENVER | Mike Johnston and Kelly Brough go to the second round. (Photos/The Colorado Trade)



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According to the Denver Division of Elections, with nearly 95 percent of the votes counted, former State Sen. Mike Johnston, with 24.45 percent, and former Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce President Kelly Brough, with 20.64 percent, were the top vote-getters. two most voted candidates for mayor of Denver. As no candidate reaches more than 50 percent of the votes, the new mayor will be determined in a second round of elections to be held on June 6.

On that date, Colorado’s capital will elect a new mayor for the first time in 12 years, following three straight victories for Michael B. Hancock, who reached the legal maximum of three terms in office. Denver’s mayoral ballot contained 17 names, but one of them withdrew fifteen days before the election. Seven other candidates registered and were certified as write-in candidates, but none of these achieved a vote of more than one percent.

Lisa Calderón conceded the election

The one who did fight in the first round was the candidate Lisa Calderón. This candidate known for pushing reforms among Denver’s security forces came in third with 18.17 percent of the vote. Calderón enjoyed a very high percentage of the late vote in this election. It is estimated that a third of the votes were cast on April 4, between 5 and 7pm. Almost 26 percent of those mayoral votes went to Calderón, who tripled her votes between the first and fourth bulletins. On the afternoon of Thursday, the 6th, she accepted her defeat.

Two other top performers were Republican businessman and veteran Andy Rougeot, with 11.55 percent, and Colorado Rep. Leslie Herod, with 10.69 percent. Meanwhile, the also representative in Colorado Chris Hasen; councilwoman Debbie Ortega; environmental activist Ean Tafoya; and the financial executive Trinidad Rodríguez did not reach 5 percent of the votes. Neither of these candidates has announced whether they will endorse Johnston or Kelly.

Mike y Kelly a segunda vuelta para alcalde de Denver


Serena Gonzáles-Gutiérrez, candidate with the most votes

Mike y Kelly a segunda vuelta para alcalde de Denver

NEW COUNCILOR “AT LONG” | Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez.

Two Latina councilmembers, Amanda Sandoval and Jamie Torres, were re-elected, for Districts 3 and 1, respectively. Meanwhile, two other councilors, Diana Romero Campbell and Serena Gonzales Gutiérrez, will be serving on the Denver City Council for the first time. Romero Campbell, director of non-profit organizations, obtained the victory in the 4th district. Meanwhile, Gonzáles-Gutiérrez, current representative in Colorado, was the candidate with the highest vote among all the applicants in this election. She got 52,971 votes to become a councilor “at large”

The dominance of Hispanics could be almost absolute if incumbent Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca, who represented Latino neighborhoods in northern Denver, wins the runoff. CdeBaca must face African American community consultant Darrell Watson. Another Hispanic, Flor Alvídrez, a cultural promoter, obtained the highest vote in District 7 but must face Nic Campion in the second round. In districts 8 and 10 there will also be a second round, but no Hispanic male or female candidates are running in those races.

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Mike and Kelly tune up engines for the runoff

Mike and Kelly tune up engines for the runoff