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Mexican Wrestling Comes to Global Fest

Lucha Libre llega al Global Fest


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The City of Aurora is preparing the 10th edition of Global Fest, an event dedicated to celebrating the cultures and communities that call Aurora home. This is a multicultural city, and this festival honors that aspect. Foreign-born residents of Aurora make up 20 percent of the population, with 55 percent coming from the Americas and a quarter of immigrants and refugees coming from Asia.

“Fuego” is one of these foreign-born residents of Aurora. “I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, but when I moved here, I found a welcoming city. And now, I’m going to share with all the city’s residents and visitors my passion, Lucha Libre,” said “Fuego,” who has been practicing this discipline for two decades. It will be presented for the first time among the entertainment and the activities of Aurora’s Global Fest.

“This is a family show rooted in Mexican and Hispanic-American culture. We are Mexican wrestling athletes; we don’t put on a violent spectacle. On the contrary, and those who come to see us will appreciate it. We invest many hours of work to train and stay in shape. We have the discipline of all athletes, which is why we can perform moves that require skill,” he added.

Lucha Libre llega al Global Fest
Lucha Libre llega al Global Fest

Buy a mask and feel like a wrestler

“Fuego,” who granted us the interview with his mask on, told us that he will have very good company. He will be wrestling alongside “Delta,” “Red Bipper,” “El Monje,” “Shadow,” “M1,” and “Tilín.” All of these wrestlers are well-known and will come wearing their masks. “Only one additional Mexican wrestler, ‘Malandro,’ decided to take off his mask from him, and you’ll get to know him,” “Fuego” shared.

Those attending Global Fest will have the opportunity to buy their masks. These will be available for purchase at the table of the Foundation “Amigos de México,” an organization that has joined the efforts to promote this event. These won’t be the only items that can be acquired at Global Fest. This is a festival where representatives from fifty countries will be present, and visitors can appreciate the craftsmanship of many of them and taste their cuisine.

Mexican Wrestling Comes to Global Fest Lucha Libre llega al Global Fest

Global Fest

Saturday, August 19

11am a 6pm

Aurora Municipal Center

15151 E. Alameda Parkway

Aurora, CO 80012

Information about the Global Fest

Mexican Wrestling Comes to Global Fest


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