febrero 4, 2023

Hundreds of migrants take refuge in Denver

Hundreds of migrants take refuge in Denver

Makeshift beds for migrants (Photo/DOEM Twitter)

DONATIONS CAN BE SENT TO Denver Community Church, Lutheran Family Services, AFS.

Sofía Márquez / El Comercio de Colorado

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Denver authorities activated an emergency shelter to house a hundred migrants who arrived by bus during the night of Tuesday, December 6. They entered the US through the southern border, as reported by the Denver Office of Emergency Management (DOEM). DOEM shared very few details about the situation “due to the security and sensitivity of this evolving situation.” Hundreds of migrants take refuge in Denver.

The migrants will be housed in the emergency shelter until nonprofit organizations can help them get permanent placement. City officials and advocates are working to find out who sent them to Colorado, how they got here, and why. The city received no notice that these migrants were coming from the southern border.

In recent months, Denver has seen many immigrants arriving in the city unannounced but not in these numbers. Denver has a reputation for welcoming immigrants, and the city has been preparing to ensure that they have all the necessary resources. During the 2019 crisis on the southern border with Mexico, the city accepted three buses and created 72-hour shelters for people.

Collaborations and volunteers

The City and County of Denver are not accepting donations at this time. Individuals who are interested in donating can do so through the  Denver Community Church, Lutheran Family Services, Americans Friends Service Committee. The DOEM website also states that if anyone is interested in volunteering to serve at the emergency shelter, to please contact Cali Zimmerman at Cali.Zimmerman@denvergov.org.

Hundreds of migrants take refuge in Denver

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