Denver Mayor issues Stay at Home Order


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Mayor Michael B. Hancock announced a Public Health Order with an explicit stay at home directive for the City and County of Denver. The order will go into effect at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 24. The order continues through April 10 and may be extended as needed. The Mayor is urging all community residents and businesses to escalate their observance of previous stay at home guidelines amid the worsening COVID-19 epidemic. 

The order requires that all people in the City and County of Denver stay home. Also, Hancock’s directive asks businesses implement work from home policies and delivery of goods to the greatest extent possible. The order also calls for Denver Metro regional municipalities to follow the broad consensus among public health professionals that every effort should be made, by all persons, to conduct only those essential activities necessary to promote health and well-being. 

Essential activities 

Picking up groceries, obtaining medical supplies or medication, and engaging in outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, or running are among those essential activities. Hancock urges Denver residents to continue the strict observance of physical distancing practices. “This stay at home order responds to the public health advice we have received as well as ongoing conversations with the Governor and metro mayors,” said Denver Mayor. 

He continues, “people and businesses need to continue to take physical distancing seriously to make an impact on the spread of this virus. Frankly, voluntary distancing is simply not enough.” Exceeding the Governor’s request that Colorado businesses maintain no more than 50 percent of their workforce onsite to ensure essential operations, Denver reports that nearly 80 percent of its employees are working remotely.  

Exempted for the order 

Liquor stores with extreme physical distancing in place. 

All marijuana stores with extreme physical distancing in place 

All construction operations and projects.