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Abbott sent first migrant bus to Denver

Abbott sent first migrant bus to Denver Predijeron un caos que no ocurrió A predicted chaos that didn't happen

DENVER DESTINATION FOR THOSE MIGRANTS | Hundreds of migrants still spend the night on the streets of El Paso, Texas. (Photo/Laurie Smith)


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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent a busload of immigrants to Denver, Colorado, as part of a Republican strategy to transport foreigners just crossing the border to Democratic jurisdictions. This is the first time that Abbott has sent a busload of immigrants to Colorado, since he began in April 2022 with his strategy of transporting aliens recently released by the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

It is also the first shipment after the end of the implementation of Title 42, which allowed the expulsion of migrants on the fly. In a statement, the Republican governor said that “until the president (Joe Biden) and his administration step up and fulfill their constitutional duty to protect the border, Texas will continue to transport migrants to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities like Denver to provide much-needed relief to our small border towns.

Immigrants got off at Civic Center Park

The immigrants were dropped off near Denver’s Civic Center Park. Meanwhile, the mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, has been affirming that the city has again exceeded the capacity to respond to the arrival of migrants. Hancock warned that Denver, other cities in Colorado, the state itself, and social assistance organizations and agencies lack the necessary resources and budget to assist the “significant number of people arriving in this city every day.”

Between December 2022 and March of this year, the city has allocated some fourteen million dollars to help just over ten thousand immigrants, most of them Venezuelans. In this way, Denver exhausted in those months the equivalent of the budget of 10 years of social assistance. The first week of May, the city’s budget office asked the City Council for about nine million dollars from the contingency fund to obtain the funds destined to attend to the increase in the arrival of migrants from the southern border of the United States.

Sending 19,000 migrants

Abbott’s first target of his campaign to transport immigrants was the US capital, where he has sent dozens of buses, some even to the residence of US Vice President Kamala Harris. The cities of New York, Chicago and Philadelphia have also seen the arrival of buses with immigrants sent by Abbott, as have other northern cities. Since the end of 2022, Abbott has sent 19,000 aliens from Texas to other cities.

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Abbott sent first migrant bus to Denver