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Latin American talent shone at LFWC 2022

Latin American talent shone at LFWC 2022 Brilló talento latinoamericano en LFWC 2022

WITH DETAILS MADE OUT IF CORN| Norberto Mojardín’s extraordinary collection. (Fotos/Felipe Arredondo-El Comercio de Colorado)


Sofía Márquez/ El Comercio de Colorado

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Several hundred people gathered at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum to enjoy the grand spectacle that was Latin Fashion Week Colorado 2022. Attendees walked the red carpet that greeted them at the entrance of the event. People took pictures and chatted with the celebrities present at the place. There was music and drinks waiting for the grand parade to begin. Latin American talent shone at LFWC 2022.

Brilló talento latinoamericano en LFWC 2022

As guest of honor, Governor Jared Polis took the stage to thank Norberto Mojardin for organizing the show and for all his contributions to benefit the community. Berenice Rendón Talavera, Consul General of Mexico in Denver, then presented the Ohtli Award to Mojardín. This is a recognition granted by the Institute of Mexicans Abroad to outstanding Mexicans around the world.

Norberto Mojardin Collection. (Video/El Comercio de Colorado)

A casual start

The first half of the show focused on more casual wear, with designers showcasing ready-to-wear clothing. Each collection was different, with the only common thread being that they were all vibrant representations of each designer’s individuality. Some of the designers, such as Jasive Fernandez, Duane Topping and the Factory Fashion team, choreographed dances to accompany the models and models as they walked.

Brilló talento latinoamericano en LFWC 2022

After the first half of the show, the guests enjoyed a brief intermission, followed by Mojardín’s presentation to the second guest of honor, the star designer Mitzy. The famous Mexican designer expressed his happiness and honor at receiving recognition for 50 years of professional career. “My native Michoacán did not do me this honor. Being invited to LFWC alongside my fellow Latino designers is a dream,” he said.

The looks for the night

During the second part of the show, viewers saw more formal wear and evening looks. Those present enjoyed the women’s collections from Alejandro Moreno, Alonso Máximo, Salvador Miranda and Villanueva Designs. Meanwhile, Francisco Rojas and Yenny Hernández presented the designs for the men. The accessory of the night was embroidered crystals, with many of the creations sparkling under the catwalk lights.

Norberto Mojardín closed the night with his collection dedicated to exalting women. A video of the song “Canción sin Miedo” by Vivir Quintana was shown. The song speaks out against the rampant violence against women in Latin America, asking the world for help to stop this pandemic of femicides. Mojardín’s creations reflected his vision of women as vibrant, life-giving beings who deserve to be honored and praised.

The entire night was a wonderful celebration of the artistic spirit in our vibrant and talented Latin American community. It was an extraordinary spectacle.

Diseñador del Miss Universo viene al LFWC 2022

Designers present at LFWC 2022

LFWC and Factory Fashion

Yaneth Alatorre

Duane Topping

Nicteel by Owana

Tillman Rojas

Nelly Bernal

Jose Ferdinand Rojas

Mauro Hernandez

Marisa Quiroz

Alexander Moreno

Villanueva Designs

Yenny Hernandez Moskem

Salvador Miranda

Giannina Azar

Alonso Maximus

Norbert Mojardin

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Latin American talent shone at LFWC 2022