mayo 10, 2021

Coors Field to host 2021 All-Star Game

Coors Field to host 2021 All-Star Game


By Abel Flores @ loversdeldeporte2020

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Great sports news for Colorado, perhaps the best of the year. The Major League Baseball board decided that the 2021 MLB All-Star Game will be played at the home of the Colorado Rockies, Coors Field. In this way, the home of the Rockies will be the epicenter of the best baseball in the world for home run competition and for the confrontation of the best players in the National League against those of the American.

First of all, this All-Stars Game would be played in Atlanta. That venue was ruled out once MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced that the league was pulling the game out of Georgia’s capital due to voting laws passed in that state in late March. That law, passed by a Republican-dominated legislature and signed by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, can potentially restrict access to the vote for people of color.

Coors Field recibirá al juego de las estrellas 2021

Save Rocky Mountain Baseball

In sports in the US there are no promotions and descents, so typical of sport in Europe. This means that in American sports there are no penalties for dropping divisions when a team reaches the bottom. On the contrary, in the US teams, of any sport, that rank last in their divisions or conferences are given the opportunity to choose in the first places of the Draft when the player market opens.

Why? For small teams to grow stronger. Well, in a way, this is what MLB is doing with Colorado by moving this international event to Coors Field. Although for many it may not be seen with the naked eye, the best news of the season for the Colorado Rockies will be hosting the All-Star Game at Coors Field. The Rockies in 2021 will have one of the most complicated and “longest” seasons in their history.

The Rockies are a team in transition and rebuilding and lacking in talent at various positions. The Rockies face the Dodgers and Padres in one of MLB’s toughest divisions in the NL West. Colorado fans at the beginning of the season will be excited, but as the games go by and if the team does not respond as fans expect, but as many analysts project, the fans will be demotivated and there will be less attendance at the stadium.

So this is where the midseason All-Star game will come to save baseball in the Rocky Mountains.

Coors Field recibirá al juego de las estrellas 2021

Does politics influence sport?

“The Major Baseball League fundamentally supports the voting rights of all Americans and opposes restrictions on getting to the polls. Our sport reflects democratic values,” said MBL Commissioner Rob Manfred. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said “We are proud to welcome you and to talk about our voting system that we built to ensure that no one, from any group, is restricted in their right to vote.”

On that occasion, the trigger for the change in the headquarters of the star game was an electoral law. In 2016, a law banning transgender people from using the restrooms led to the cancellation of Charlotte, North Carolina, as the home of the all-star basketball game. That game ended up taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Experts estimate that the state of North Carolina lost about $ 3.76 billion from the cancellation of that game.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis said, “We have always known that Colorado is the perfect home for the All-Star Game, and we are thrilled to welcome the best players in baseball to Coors Field this summer. Every day, more and more Coloradans get the protection they need through the life-saving vaccine, which opens up more opportunities for Coloradans to enjoy the activities we love, like baseball. “

Coors Field recibirá al juego de las estrellas 2021

Historical antecedent

The Rockies hosted the All-Star Game in 1998. At that time, they won the American League, 13-8, with Bartolo Colón getting the victory and Ugueth Urbina taking the loss. There were 31 hits, but only three for home runs. Barry Bonds went to the garden along with Alex Rodríguez.

Roberto Alomar, the Baltimore second baseman who was selected as the MVP. Colorado was represented in that All-Star Game by Dante Bichette, Vinny Castilla, Larry Walker and coach Don Baylor. Meanwhile, Ken Griffey Jr won the Home Run Derby beating Jim Thome.

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