junio 20, 2021

Colorado to issue $ 375 aid check

$ 375 aid check Colorado entregará cheque de ayuda


Newsroom El Comercio de Colorado

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The state of Colorado will issue a check for $ 375 to help reduce the economic impact of the pandemic on some 435,000 Coloradans. The aid may be received by people who obtain less than $ 52,000 in annual income. All of these people should have received at least a dollar for unemployment insurance between March 15 and October 24 of this year.

Those who wanted to receive the check from the state of Colorado had to be eligible to receive between $ 25 and $ 500 a week in unemployment benefits between March 15 and October 24 of this year. Individuals who meet these requirements will receive their aid check no later than December 4, 2020. This support will be issued through the Colorado unemployment insurance system.

$ 375 aid check Colorado entregará cheque de ayuda

Message from Jared Polis

The $ 375 check will bring benefits for many families. Gov. Jared Polis said those funds will be good for families, but they are also good for Colorado’s economy, as the money would be spent immediately. “That is money that will help stores, restaurants and the economy in general,” said the governor. Polis indicated that this initiative arose from the refusal of the Trump administration and the federal congress to reach an agreement.

“We cannot afford to wait for Congress. We stepped up to help countless working families struggling to meet all of their monthly payments. That is why we have decided to forge our own path and get people the help they need now, regardless of federal inaction,” said the Governor of Colorado.

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