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Solis to fight for the reversal of Adams County 14 

Solis to fight for the reversal of Adams County 14  Rhonda Solís: “Lucharé por restaurar poderes para el distrito Adams 14”

CANDIDATE DISTRICT 8| Rhonda Solís, democrat, former member of Greeley-Evans District 6. (Picture/El Comercio de Colorado)


Antonio Martínez/ El Comercio de Colorado

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The democratic candidate for Colorado’s State Board of Education, Rhonda Solis, shared that she will be supporting the reversal of Adams 14 School District, which had lost accreditation. Solis, who served on her local school board for eight years, knows how important a school district is for a community. She expressed her concern saying that a decision like this not only impacts the school district, but also the children, families, the city, the business sector, and so much more because of the ripple effect it has on everything. Solis to fight for the reversal of Adams County 14.

For the community

A product of public education herself, Solis has long been involved in her community. After sharing her love and care for the public education system by serving on boards and commissions, Solis is ready to run for an office. One of her greatest accomplishments so far was helping get a $395 million bond to work with all the different schools in her district. About her school board’s collaborative effort, she said “republicans, independents, and democrats we came together for the kids and that’s how it should be.”

Representation matters

Something else that has inspired her to run for the state board of education, is the lack of representation. In a district that’s heavily populated by Latinos, she sees almost no representation and wants to change that. Solis believes that the demographic makeup of Colorado schools should be reflected on the school boards and state boards, and currently it is not. As the only person of color running for this position, Solis believes it is “imperative” that fights for this position and wins.

To voters she says, “we have the opportunity to elect three strong Latinas that come from a community to represent people in Congressional District 8.” Besides Solis, the two other Latinas are Yadira Caraveo running for Congress, and Yolanda Ortega running for city region. 

Candidate to Colorado State Board of Education

Rhona Solis (Democrat) is running for the Colorado State Board of Education representing her congressional district 8. In a broad and summarized way, the state board of education oversees the state’s k-12 public education system. Members are responsible for things like deciding what kind of curriculum is taught in school, while the boards of the school districts decide how the curriculum will be taught. The State Board is composed of 9 members, 8 of them elected in each congressional district and 1 elected statewide.

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Solis to fight for the reversal of Adams County 14 
Solis to fight for the reversal of Adams County 14