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Tim Reichert: “In the US we have an ‘apartheid’ with non-citizens”

Tim Reichert: "In the US we have an 'apartheid' with non-citizens" Tim Reichert: “En EEUU tenemos un ‘apartheid’ con los no ciudadanos”

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR DISTRICT 7 | Tim Reichert is a supporter of immigration reform. (Photo/El Comercio de Colorado)

Heading to the 2022 Primary Elections


El Comercio de Colorado Newsroom

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Tim Reicher is working to win the Republican Party’s nomination for the congressional seat in Colorado’s District No. 7. That seat is open to competition due to the current occupant, Democrat Ed Perlmutter, not standing for re-election. Reichert, who is competing in the Republican primaries with two opponents, Erik Aadland and Laurel Imer, assures that he has the necessary experience and knowledge to work successfully in U.S. Congress.

“I am an economist and a business owner. I am a husband and a father, I am running to help the middle class. I grew up in the 1970s, a time of high inflation and unemployment rates, and now we’re in the aftermath of that time. I defend the idea of ​​restoring the middle class. I believe that we must reopen the paths that have been closed for the last 30 years for the middle class”, says the candidate. Reichert says his action plan emphasizes expanding economic opportunity, ensuring public safety and expanding education.

Education and support for women

“We need to expand educational opportunities. Universities, cooperative schools, charter schools, conventional schools, STEM education, we must be allowed to flourish across the country so that we can have more educational freedom. We also have to recover vocational education for trades. We need education that matches the needs of our children,” Reichert added.

As a man of faith, this economist and politician did not avoid talking about the right to abortion. “72 percent of abortions occur because women believe that they cannot carry that child to term for economic reasons. It is an indictment of our society. We must be a party that offers them a helping hand in a real and meaningful way. Many of them have been abandoned by men, and they will understand that they have the support they need. This must be central to the Republican party. That is my position,” he asserted.

Immigration reform

Reichert was clear in stating that he disagrees with the segregation of immigrants. Reichert explains that “in this country we have 330 million US citizens and another 25 or 30 million residents who are not citizens. In South Africa they called that separation ‘Apartheid‘. And that’s what we have here. This reality contradicts the laws of this country. We need to allow comprehensive immigration reform like we had several decades, even a century ago.”

Message to Voters

What is your message to the voters?

TR: I am the only candidate in this race who has spent 15 months developing a comprehensive plan to restore America’s middle class. And this is at a time when family finance problems that concern us every day are the most important issues on people’s minds.


Imagine that you are facing Brittany Pettersen, the expected Democratic candidate. What would you ask her?

TR: Why did you co-sponsor House Bill 19-1263, which we now know killed at least 600, probably as many as 650 Coloradans? Having sponsored that legislation speaks volumes about your lack of judgment.

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