abril 10, 2021

Lincoln Park Occupants Removed

Desalojados ocupantes del Lincoln Park Lincoln Park Occupants Removed

Colorado State Patrol Takes Action

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Colorado State Patrol officers evicted the occupants of Lincoln Park in downtown Denver. The operation started at 6am. “The occupants were made aware that they were to leave the area no later than 10:30 am. These individuals are offered the opportunity to obtain their lost belongings at the lost & found in selected Denver facilities for up to 60 days. They were also offered bus transportation to the Denver Coliseum or National Western shelters,” said Staff Sgt. Blake White.

“The area recently became a public health hazard dangerous to both those experiencing homelessness and for visitors, and that is not acceptable especially during a pandemic,” affirmed Governor Jared Polis, who has authority over the park because it is state land. “During the operation, we found rats, feces, needles, and several tons of garbage,” Sergeant White revealed.

Desalojados ocupantes del Lincoln Park    Lincoln Park Occupants Removed

Fenced and gated

By noon on July 29th, the interior areas of Lincoln Park had been fenced and closed. “Denver Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) posted an order temporarily restricting access to Lincoln Park for any purpose other than passing through on the public rights-of-way on the perimeter of the park; the interior of the park will be closed. This restriction is needed to allow for the immediate clearing, cleaning, assessment, and mitigation of public health and environmental risks in this heavily used area,” said Ann Cecchine-Williams, DDPHE.

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