Hispanic Voters in District 4 Reject Deportations Proposed by Boebert

Hispanic Voters in District 4 Reject Deportations Proposed by Boebert Votantes hispanos del distrito 4 rechazan deportaciones propuestas por Boebert

“VOZ Y VOTO” | Kate Acevedo, José Fuentes, Dolores del Campo, Carolina Landeros, and Gloria Mosqueda. (Photos/El Comercio de Colorado)


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Migration is a topic that has gained significant relevance in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, especially in the context of the Republican primary elections on June 25th between Lauren Boebert and Michael Lynch. This district, known for its high percentage of Republican voters, is divided over the proposals of these candidates.

Boebert, known for her slogan “Deport Them All,” has adopted a hardline stance aligned with Trump’s policies. She advocates for the mass deportation of immigrants as a solution to what she considers an exacerbated migration crisis under the Biden administration. However, her approach has been harshly criticized by Lynch, her Republican rival, who argues that this measure would be impractical and devastating for the local economy.

Gloria Mosqueda

José Fuentes

Two Business Owners Share Their Opinions

Hispanic voters in District 4, crucial for agriculture and agribusiness, have expressed concern over Boebert’s proposals. Of the five Hispanics interviewed by El Comercio de Colorado, four agree that mass deportations would have negative consequences. Gloria Mosqueda, a businesswoman, took a neutral stance and stated that she has no opinion and believes that she would not be affected if deportations occurred.

In contrast, José Fuentes, another businessman, highlights the importance of immigration reform that allows immigrants to work legally and contribute to the economy by paying taxes. Fuentes warns that mass deportation could lead to a labor shortage, as has been seen in other states. “Recent anti-immigrant measures paralyzed Florida. Something similar would happen here because Hispanics are vital,” said Fuentes.

Dolores Del Campo

Ensuring Food Security

Meanwhile, Dolores Del Campo also views Boebert’s proposal with alarm. This community activist emphasizes that a policy of mass deportations would severely impact the rural economy of the district. Del Campo points out that “about 80 percent of the labor force in agriculture consists of undocumented or contract immigrants. A mass deportation would jeopardize the food security of the entire country,” asserts Del Campo.

This activist continued, “It is a matter of thinking and analyzing, not to look good with others, but to have secure food on the table, with people who work. We should rather think about immigration reform because that is one of the reasons abuses are committed, because people do not demand, because they know that their immigration status does not give them rights, according to them. Reform would help both workers and ranch owners alike.”

Kate Acevedo

Carolina Landeros

A Millennial and Her Mother

Kate Acevedo and her mother Carolina Landeros, from two different generations, agree on the migration issue. Acevedo, a first-time voter, agrees with the perspective that immigrants are essential in various economic sectors of Colorado’s 4th District. “It would be chaos if mass deportations were implemented, as many local industries depend on Hispanic workers and local families would be devastated,” she indicated.

Her mother, Carolina, expresses her indignation at the possibility of mass deportations. “To whoever is going to represent District 4, I would explain the sacrifices that immigrants who come to the United States make. They come not only for economic reasons but also to escape unsafe situations in their home countries. Many of them cannot live peacefully and come to work hard and contribute to this country,” concludes Landeros.

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