Celebration of Sports and Culture in Colorado

Celebración de deporte y cultura en Colorado

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The second edition of LUNA (Latino Ultra Nature Adventure), organized by Americas For Conservation and the Arts (AFCA) and CREA Results, gathered about 300 runners in the beautiful Golden Gate Canyon State Park. This community and multicultural event highlighted the physical and mental health benefits that arise from the combination of athletics and the awe-inspiring nature.

Among the participants was the renowned Rarámuri runner, Lorena Ramírez, accompanied by her father and her four siblings: Juanita, Thalina, Mario, Antonio, and her cousin Omar. The presence of the Rarámuri, also known as the Tarahumara, emphasized the importance of cultural connection and the preservation of ancestral traditions.

The Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, issued a proclamation recognizing the extraordinary significance of LUNA. He highlighted how this event celebrates Latin American and Indigenous cultures, promoting the connection between humans and nature through running and hiking, activities from which certain communities have historically been excluded.

Cultural Preservation and Solidarity

Polis underscored the invaluable role of LUNA in amplifying the voices and experiences of all communities, inspiring a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. LUNA’s dedication to honoring cultural and historical significance, especially through the participation of the Rarámuri runners, is a powerful testament to the importance of cultural preservation, respect, and solidarity.

LUNA offers a transformative opportunity for participants to challenge themselves physically and mentally, connect with their roots, forge meaningful connections, and learn the values of diversity, community, and perseverance. For all these reasons, Governor Jared Polis proclaimed the day of Latino Ultra Nature Adventure (LUNA) in the state of Colorado.

Celebración de deporte y cultura en Colorado
Celebración de deporte y cultura en Colorado
SECOND EDITION OF LUNA| At Golden Gate Canyon State Park.(Video/El Comercio de Colorado)

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